a person wearing a promotional tote bag with a quote on it

Seventy-six per cent of people who receive a promotional item recall the name of the company that sent it to them. That’s why it’s such an effective and popular strategy used by many businesses. However, the way brands use it varies. Some might have multiple items and send them out to all customers, while some use limited products to help another marketing strategy.

1. Tote Bags

Tote bags are a very popular promotional item idea. Did you know that there are 2 billion tons of waste produced daily? More people recognize the importance of things that don’t contribute to it. Businesses realize this as well, which is why many people use tote bags in marketing because it’s reusable and helps their customers contribute to reducing waste.

2. Apparel

Marketers love using apparel because then people are not only wearing their logo and are reminded of the brand, but others are looking at the apparel and getting to know it too. Two birds, one stone. Your customer gets to have a free shirt that keeps them loyal to your business, and you get free advertising anytime they wear it out.

3. Keychains


Out of sight, out of mind, that’s the opposite of what you want when it comes to promotional marketing. So, what is something you can use to promote your business that stays in sight? Well, a keychain, of course. Everyone needs something to hang their house and car keys on. They’re also small, so they cost less to purchase.

4. Water Bottle & Mugs

Try water bottles and mugs if you want to use an item that lasts for a long time, and your customers can get good use out of it. They’re also a great idea if you’re a business that values sustainability.

5. Stationery Items


Stationery items are an excellent way to use promotional product marketing. You can put your logo or business name on pens, notebooks, pencils, rulers, post-it notes, etc. It’ll encourage your customers to remember the brand frequently as they use these products.

6. Stickers

If you have a small budget and want to get information about your business, try stickers. This lets your potential customers know about the business and decide where the sticker goes.

7. Power Banks

Do you know what people love? Technology. If you have a budget or are doing a rewards program, try going with a power bank. Custom-designed power banks are among the newest and most sought-after promotional products these days.

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