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Consumers crave a tangible connection with their favourite brands, and brands are taking note of this. Promotional products are endless, and the opportunity for creativity is endless. Though it still doesn’t mean all products are equal, promotional products can help delight customers. Here are some trends in the past few years that people have loved.

1. Fidget Spinners

Fidget spinners were all the rage in 2017, and everyone wanted one. Some people even made huge collections of it. But it’s a trend that stayed in 2017, and people eventually forgot about them. There are still promotional products online sites that sell them, but the appeal is no longer there.

2. Wireless Tech

Wired technology is so 2019, and that was likely the last year people were using it in their promotional product marketing. Today it seems every new technology is wireless, and as such, this has become an efficient way to do product marketing. However, if you’re thinking about using it for your business, remember you’ll need to order a variety to ensure device compatibility.

3. Wellness & Self Care

Most of the world spent 2020 and 2021 stuck in their homes, focusing on self-care more than anything else. This gave rise to wellness and self-care promotional products. The sunburn alert sticker is one example of a self-care promotional product that was a hit in 2020. Other popular items include lip balms, fitness bands, and rashguards.


4. The Transparent Trend

Fashion and lifestyle trends tend to bleed into many parts of marketing. One such trend was the transparent trend, which was especially popular with Gen Z audiences. The clear bag trend then gave way to the mesh bag. Practical? Not always, but definitely trendy.

5. Sustainability

Around forty-five per cent of people are interested in buying from businesses that have eco-friendly practices or products. One of the most popular sustainable or eco-friendly promotional products is tote bags. People love promotional tote bags, and they can be used to create a beneficial marketing strategy for businesses that want to show they’re sustainable.

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6. Travel-Friendly Everything

As restrictions ease up around the world, travel is increasing steadily again. There’s been a higher demand for travel-friendly products. Another reason for this is the shift from valuing ‘things’ to valuing ‘experiences.’ This includes both things that can be used in travelling and products that come in sizes that promise more uses.

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