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Promotional products are great for advertising your business. These freebies not only help customers or employees feel instantly warm and appreciated but also act as meaningful reminders of your brand afterward.

Promotional pens are perhaps one of the most classic corporate gifts loved by all. They help keep your brand at the forefront of your customers, prospects, or employees' minds each time they use the personalised gift to sign off documents or note down important details.

It may seem like using branded pens as promotional items for your business is a straightforward concept. However, there's a broad range of factors that need consideration before you can select your ideal pen.

Styles, colours, qualities, functions, and more could make it a little bit harder to choose the right pen for your business. If you want the promotional pen to reinforce positive perceptions of your brand in the minds of employees and customers, keep reading this helpful guide. It has everything you need to know about advertising your brand through the power of custom-printed pens!

Think About the Message You Want the Promotional Pen to Convey

The message your pen conveys should reflect your brand, the industry you work in, and the values of prospects, employees, and customers you want to win over. In the figurative sense, uniquely designed, artistic pens can reflect your brand's persona creatively. But if you work in a more serious industry like finance or law, sticking with a more sophisticated and elegant look might be a better idea.

If you're getting a message printed on it, the literal message also needs to be carefully thought out. Since the promotional pen is likely to change hands multiple times, it's recommended to choose a message that remains contextual for all the recipients.

The pen should generally include your brand's log and name, a simple strapline reflecting what you do, main services, and contact or website details. Try not to overcrowd the pen with too many extra details, as cluttered information distracts attention from the key things you want people to notice.


Blue pen and notebook set

Choose an Appropriate Colour

Colour is perhaps one of the most important factors when choosing a custom promotional pen for your business. This is because colours significantly impact how the promotional item would be perceived. The pen's actual appearance greatly impacts the emotions and associations it is likely to invoke. While it's a good idea to stick to colours that work well with your brand, you can use strong colour associations to fix a certain brand image in your customer's minds.

The Type of Pen to Use

A wide range of pens is available at GoPromote for those looking to use pens as promotional items. Try picking the type of pen that suits your target audience both in terms of function and style. But don't forget to keep your company's budget and the number of promotional pens you need in mind.

Writing instruments such as promotional crayons, pencils, highlighters, and many other good options are also available if you think they fit your brand better. Whatever you choose, think about how the grip improves the writing experience and whether the material is sturdy.

From plastic to metal, many elegant, attractive, and inexpensive options are available. You can also choose eco-friendly options if your goal includes reinforcing the brand's green credentials.

Consider whether your clientele would prefer a cap on the pen, or maybe a twist or push mechanism would suit their style. The colour of the pen, ink, and look and feel are important considerations that could make or break your efforts to reach the right target audience effectively.

Custom promotional pen with LED torch

Other Functions to Add Some Extra Fun and Usefulness to the Promotional Pen

Custom promotional pens can be more than just pens! You can make them stand out from the rivals' promotional items by adding more value and functionality. Think about the functions you think would be appreciated by the audience.

It could double as a stylus for smart devices or maybe have a highlighter or dual tip with another ink colour attached on the other end. You could also get pens with a flashlight attached to them to add extra utility and value.

Now that you have all the advice and information you need to find the perfect pen for your business, where better to place an order than GoPromote! We also house a range of other custom promotional items that would make perfect business gifts!

Besides custom promotional pens, you can find promotional mugs, notebooks, pencil cases, water bottles, coffee mugs, tote bags, printed sports bottles, custom stress balls, and hand sanitiser sprays. Additionally, many more interesting options are available for promotional products that can help boost your brand's reputation, increase sales and engagement, and provide several other benefits.

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