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Calico Double Short Handle Tote Bag - 140 GSM

A great calico bag for promotional events customise with printed logo design or event name
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Most supermarkets and retail outlets sell and encourage consumers to use calico bags as they are reusable.

Join the revolution to reduce the use of plastic shopping bags!

Bag Size: 370mmL x 420mmH Handle Length: 400mmL

Delivery of your order will be be within 3-5 days For orders up to 10,000 and for orders 10,000 + will be indent ordered from overseas and will be up to 14 weeks delivery time.

NUCOLOUR On light coloured bags a slightly darker keyline may be noticeable on the finished decoration, due to the white layer underneath being slightly choked under the colour.

ARTWORK SPECIFICATIONS: • Vector created EPS file to size in CMYK colour breakup. Fonts to be converted to curves, or supply font files with order. • JPG, TIFF files must be at least 300DPI at print size and saved in CMYK colour format. • We are unable to match specific PMS, Metallic or Fluorescent colours.

PRINTING ONTO CALICO / CANVAS BAGS Calico / Canvas Tote Bags are not perfectly straight, therefore true square / rectangular designs may appear distorted on the product and designs using full coverage print areas are to be avoided. Due to textured print surface, screen printed half tones and stipples are not recommended as we cannot guarantee uniformity across order. We will not accept responsibility for print claims with stipples and tones. Calico / canvas can have some minor folds and printing over the folds doesn't detract from the design and is considered acceptable. 4CP Print - Submit design for acceptance and price on full colour direct to garment printing. Prices based on amount of ink consumed. More cost effective for designs that do not require white ink.

CALICO / CANVAS VARIANCE As calico / canvas bags are relatively low cost and fabric is hand woven, we cannot guarantee compatibility from one shipment to the next. Calico / canvas bag sizes are approximate and may vary. Size and fabric variations are considered acceptable but if critical, please ask for a sample from the current shipment.

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