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Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen

Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen
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Bamboo Cover Notebook with Pen Eco friendly bamboo cover notebook with 70 sheets of spiral bound recycled lined paper,

with bamboo/silver push button ballpoint pen. Elastic closure. Made from Bamboo,

one of the worlds fastest growing plants. Recycled symbol printed on each page.

Natural wood grain finish ensures no two items are ever the same!

LASER ENGRAVING VARIATIONS Due to slight variations in the composition of the item its possible laser engraving results will vary from time to time. This is considered normal.

LASER ENGRAVING Due to the nature of this product, expect variations in laser engraving density and background colour. Natural wood grain finish comes through. We reserve the right to supply different variations in the one order, as it's impossible to get consistent, perfect matches over an order.

BAMBOO FINISH Due to the nature of this unique material, natural imperfections in the surface of the item can occur.

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