Tips and Ideas to Keep Your Car Organised

Constantly on the move? The preferred mode of transportation for such people is usually a car. It’s also likely the place where clutter gathers so fast, it makes your head spin.

The takeaway containers, papers from work, and wrappers just wind up in the backseat or the boot of the car. If you’re scratching your head about how the mess keeps piling up and how you can keep the car tidy, we can have some tips and ideas for you!

Declutter the Interior

There are always some necessary items to keep in your car. However, often those items are in the car but difficult to find because of all the mess. All the rubbish needs to be sorted out before you even think of organising the car.

Dispose of what is useless and rubbish and decide what you need to keep in your car. Anything that doesn’t make the list needs to make its home elsewhere.

Keep a Hook Handy

Shopping bags, umbrellas or similar objects can be tied using a string or hook to the back of the car’s front seat. Simply hook a carabiner link, and you’re good to go. It’s easy to find in most hardware stores. For this, your car needs to have adjustable headrests.

checking boot

Car Boot Storage Organiser

If you don’t have adjustable headrests and need to store a larger number of items, a hook won’t be suitable. Try a car boot storage organiser. Having boot organisers are a great way to create more space in your car. It’s also the mainstay for every Aussie family road trip.

Use Makeshift Bins

If you spend a lot of time in your cars, you probably have food containers and little things here and there. A single meal can have three meals worth of rubbish. Even we don’t know-how.

Keeping a bin or using a makeshift bin will keep the car tidy. Some people use a plastic bag attached to a headrest, but that can tear and cause more mess. Get a small plastic bin with a lid to keep in your car, or you can also DIY a bin from household items.


Clear it out Regularly

It’s not that hard to clean your car, but it can get much harder if you don’t do it regularly. It’s easy for it to get out of control. Clear out your car regularly.

At least once a week, take everything from inside it, restock on necessary items, and throw the rubbish out. It'll be easier to keep on top of it if you do this frequently, and your car will stay squeaky clean.

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