less cost on marketing

Marketers spend 1.34 billion on promotional merchandise for one reason only – they work. Numerous stats confirm this fact as well. Promotional products help consumers remember the company, and a minimum of 50 per cent of consumers use it in their daily lives.

Pro: Relatively Inexpensive

Popular marketing techniques such as social media marketing can cost hundreds of dollars per day. Hiring a digital marketing team to keep it running will take longer. While advertising space costs can quickly get up there, promotional merchandising doesn’t. They are inexpensive and will take a fraction of the marketing budget.

Con: Finding the Right Quality

A good quality product will leave a good impression on your customers, while a poor quality one will do the opposite. Shoddy products that take no time to break make the customers think that the business will have poor quality products. There are many promotional products online, but the picture doesn’t always match the quality.

Pro: Product Visibility

No matter how good it is, an ad will capture momentary attention. On the other hand, promotional merchandise is a tangible and useable product like a notebook, pens, or tote bag that your consumers can use and enjoy. For example, promotional notebooks last a long while and have a variety of uses.

Con: Need to Rely on Supplier


If you’re ordering thousands of product units, you’ll need to put in that big order and pray that the supplier pulls through. That’s an inevitable risk you’ll have to take. The problems that can arise with suppliers are:

  1. They deliver the product late.
  2. The quantity delivered is not what was promised.
  3. The product doesn’t come in at all.
  4. The quality of products is subpar.

Pro: Convention Swag

Conventions and trade shows are a great place to network. But there are so many people there, how can you grab attention? Answer: convention swag! You, your employees, and those affiliated can wear the merchandise to show off what your business is all about. You can also hand them out to attendees that will serve as reminders for your business.

Con: One Size Doesn’t Always Fit All


Not all promotional products are the same, even in merchandise. They are a wonderful way to get the word out about the company, but some tech products and others like apparel need to be ordered in various models/sizes. Getting a variety can significantly increase your marketing costs.

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