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According to the Australian Product Promotional Association, 52% of customers showed a positive response and willingness to purchase from a company after receiving promotional products from them.

There are several avenues you can use to market your product or service. Social media, SEO, PPC, email marketing, etc., are some common methods used today. However, a tangible product in the hands of your consumer can create an even stronger lasting impression.

It’s Big Business

Promotional marketing is a huge business generating billions every year. In Australia, marketers spend around $1.34 billion on promotional marketing. It also doesn’t have to be hundreds of products either. Companies can opt for one promotional product to highlight their brand, such as tote bags.


Establishes and Builds Relationships

A good marketing strategy should leave a lasting impression on your customer and make an impact. So, what do you think catches their attention better? A paid ad on social media that may have become lost in the thousands of posts they scrolled or a tote bag they can use in their daily lives?

A custom reusable product from a business expands its reach when people use them frequently and gain some familiarity with the brand. They also become more comfortable and are likelier to purchase from them.

Promotional Tote Bags Deliver Value

If there’s anything better than promotional items, it’s promotional items you’re going to use, and use a lot. Reusable bags can last for years. Also, the more your customers use them, the more awareness will be created for your brand and the more its value will increase.

Invest in good quality promotional tote bags, so your investment lasts for a long time. You’ll be paying a one-time cost for years’ worth of marketing.

It Helps the Planet

Let’s face it; our planet is practically dying due to global warming. It’s time to make better choices, and that means no to one-use plastic and yes to reusable products. Tote bags are eco-friendly because of this.

Changes are being made in the laws, and disposable bag usage is either being limited or banned altogether. Now is the time to go green, and people recognise that as well. Using promotional tote bags isn’t only helping your brand image; it’s helping other people be more green and fulfilling your business’s social responsibility.

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Getting Custom Promotional Products Made Simple

Custom Promotional Products are an effective marketing strategy for building a relationship with customers and making a lasting impression. GoPromote offers custom promotional items online to help other businesses establish their brand and boost sales.

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