Ways to Improve PR Promotion for Your New Business

A marketing team coming up with a PR strategy to market their business

A popular marketing tool these days is PR promotions. This refers to engaging the right people in order to improve your brand image or create awareness about your brand. In the age of social media, through blogs, vlogs and other content, PR has increasingly become a viable option for most companies.

Vast audiences are approachable through PR promotions, and if done right, they could win your company good recognition and an excellent image in the eyes of potential consumers. But the first step is understanding what PR is and how it differs from other areas of marketing.

What is the Difference Between PR and Marketing?

Though public relations (PR) definitely falls under the broad banner of marketing, there are many differences between these two.

Marketing strategies will aim to maximize sales by persuading customers to buy products of services. These are more directly focused on revenue generation for the business.

PR, on the other hand, focuses more on creating a positive image for the company among its target market. So, while marketing deals with more tangible things, PR concentrates on concepts and how light in which the company is seen.

Now, let’s move onto the ways in which you can improve your PR promotions.

Target the Right People

 A person opening up a PR package sent to them by a company


The easiest way to improve your PR relations is by sending PR packages. Social media PR sent to microinfluencers, bloggers and Instagram celebrities are extremely common nowadays. When doing this, you need to choose the right people to send your package.

Firstly, the personality you choose should be relevant to your product. For example, if you sell protein powder, you’d likely want to send it to a famous fitness blogger.

Secondly, make sure they have enough of a following to make it worth your while. Anything less than 10 thousand followers is really not worth it. Between 20 thousand and 50 thousand followers is a good following for you to invest in.

Be Creative!

Since PR packages are so widely used by companies, famous bloggers are sent many PR packages. You want yours to stand out and be memorable. To achieve this, you can have creative wrapping and cute messages inside as well, along with the products you wish to advertise.

If your company deals in services and not products, don’t worry! At Go Promote in Sydney, we can create company merchandise with your logo on it. From tee-shirts to promotional pens and bags, we can make sure your PR package stands out with many company-based products inside.