Season's Greetings! 4 Christmas Promotional Ideas for Your Business

In 2020, Christmas retail sales in Australia are set to grow by 2.8 percent. It is predicted that customers will spend over $54.3 billion this holiday season on Christmas shopping.


To make sure your business makes the most of this trend, make sure to include some of these great ideas in your marketing campaigns for the month.

Christmas Challenge

Announcing a contest is one of the best ways to get customers involved, increasing brand loyalty in the process.


A few weeks before the holidays, introduce a Christmas Challenge on your Social Media Accounts.  Challenge your followers—current and potential customers—to do a Christmas-related activity or dare. Ask them to record it and share it on their social media accounts tagging you, and their friends.


You, in turn, can share the best entries on your social media handles and announce winners based on likes and reshares. Each winner should receive a Christmas present from you. The gifts will, of course, be a promotional product for your business. 

Revive The Christmas Spirit

The Christmas holidays are an emotional time that people associate with family, warmth, kindness and nostalgia. Make sure your customers remember your brand by making small but thoughtful gestures.


For instance, draw attention to your business by hosting charity drives for an orphanage or old home. Match each sale or donation with a promotional product of your own and a gift card for the donator.


This move will not only improve the overall reputation of your business, but will also bring more customers in.

Christmas Discounts With A Twist

Holiday sales have been popular for the better part of the last century, and everybody does them. But introducing them with a few twists will set your business apart.


For instance, you could offer discounts, especially to customers who have to work through the holidays. This could include doctors and nurses, as well as firefighters and police officers.


Or you could offer a discount to customers (minors) who dress up in holiday themed costumes and show up at the store!


Christmas Bundles

Customers have long lists of presents, and there's nothing they like more than getting great value for their money.


Putting together Christmas gift bundles is a great way to encourage people to buy more.

 Additionally, customising the packaging especially for Christmas will add even more value to your brand’s value proposition.

Make sure to include something for all ages and genders. Make your business is a one-stop store for their entire list.