How To Conduct A Successful Rebranding Using Promotional Products

Marketing Strategy written on a piece of paper placed on a table

Rebranding strategies are a surefire way of reaching out to a new customer base, expanding your portfolio, and recreating your business’ image in the minds of your customers.

However, you must plan out a comprehensive strategy to ensure it makes the mark you want. While successful rebranding campaigns like Walmart’s and PayPal’s are quoted to highlight the significance of a rebranding campaign, every so often, brands fail to properly rebrand by not considering all the factors that could boost their campaign.

The first step to planning a rebranding campaign is understanding why you need to have one.

Why Should You Rebrand?

There are multiple valid reasons for conducting a rebranding campaign. For example, if you've acquired a new business and want it to reflect your perspective and values, you can rebrand it to make it suitable for your company group. In this case, it will also help announce policy and leadership changes down to the grassroots.

If you’re hoping to reposition your business in the market or trying to tap into a new customer base, rebranding is an effective way of achieving both these things. A rebranding campaign can also be motivated by customer feedback about your products and service.

Reimagining and recreating are essential to a successful rebranding campaign. To help you further, we’ve put together a list of must-do items to make your campaign a hit!

Desktop displaying a graph that shows rebranding success rates

1. Pick Relevant Promotional Products

Choose promotional products that amplify your brand’s image instead of confusing the customers about your product and services. For example, customised bottle sleeves for a water bottle manufacturer are an excellent choice for promotional merchandise. But if the manufacturer distributes customised socks to their customers, they are bound to get confused and disillusioned with your brand.

2. Distribution Strategy

If you want to expand your customer base, rethink your distribution strategy accordingly. Draw out a plan that targets new, relevant audiences instead of marketing only to your existing customers.

For example, if you're rebranding your makeup line to include skincare products, set up a kiosk at the local dermatologists to give people to your product.

3. Rethink Your Message

Reimagine before you roll out a campaign. Ensure there’s a central message that every aspect of your campaign carries and delivers to your customer.

Shape your rebranding campaign to add organic value to your business instead of just creating noise in the market. You will see a boost in your growth if you follow this rebranding Holy Grail!

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