Benefits of Corporate Promotional Gifts

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You could be manufacturing the finest quality products, but none of it will be useful if your target market isn’t aware of your brand’s presence. As much as your the target market, your business partners should be familiar with what you do too. As a business, you need to be able to show what you do to the world. We’re here to tell you how promotional merchandise may just make it easier.

It’s a simple but effective marketing tool

Promotion lies at the core of all marketing strategies. As a B2B business, you must market yourself to your corporate clients and partners. This is where promotional merchandise comes in.

Compared to other means of advertising and direct marketing, promotional gifts are an effective method of getting the word across. Even simple objects like printed apparel, tabletops, and drinkware can help someone instantly recognize your brand logo. You can gift them to potential clients during meetings, conferences, and seminars. As long as the product remains in their office, you’ll continue being a passive part of their business.

According to statistics, 81% of corporate individuals will keep a promotional product with them for one to eleven years. Research also states that 9 in 10 individuals will recognize a brand based on a promotional product that they might have received. 83% of these are more likely to buy from you again after receiving a promotional product.

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It’s a low-cost investment

To market its products and services, a business has the following options:

  1. Reach out to media channels and air TVCs
  2. Invest in billboards and put them up in high-traffic areas of a locality
  3. Participate in business fairs
  4. Hire a digital marketing agency and get them to rank your services better on the internet

Unfortunately, all of these advertising methods cost a lot of money—something that all brands are currently strapped for due to the COVID-19 crisis. On the other hand, printing promotional merchandise is a relatively affordable strategy.

According to the World Federation of Advertisers, over 89% of international companies have halted their marketing campaigns. More than 52% have cut down on their advertising expenses. In the middle of all this, getting small promotional products out can be a more useful, low-cost strategy.

It communicates what lies at the core of your business

There is always more to a promotional product than advertising. You can use it as a tool to convey the values that your brand stands for. Most printing companies give you the liberty to be creative with your message. As an eco-friendly, you could use the product to remind your consumers to recycle paper or turn off the lights.

As per research, 2 in every 3 consumers think that a brand that promises to be sustainable is more trustworthy. Cash on this! Use your message to convey that you care for your consumers. This will help build stronger goodwill for you in the market. Your corporate clients would always prefer working with a business that makes them look responsible.

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